Market Haul #13 – Season’s end.

A little forlorn at the Hollywood Market today, despite a partial sunbreak and a better than average band in the music tent. It’s the last market day until 2011, so in addition to the diminished abundance in nearly everyone’s stall, there were also a lot of sighs and promises to “see you in March.” That’s how seasons work, I suppose: you don’t get excited about something opening unless you first watch it close.

For all that, not a bad haul, and I didn’t even touch on the root vegetables or squashes this time around. Clockwise from the top: more Brussels sprouts (these were everywhere, stacked like Martian Christmas trees in half the stalls), Russian kale, leeks, yellow onions, levain batard from Fleur de Lis (A little cheat on this, since I actually walked to their bakery five blocks from the market, after finishing my produce shopping. But they used to have a stall, so I figure it still fits in the Market Haul category), artichokes, Italian frying peppers (not sure what you do with those, but I’m up for a challenge), parsley.

In light of the upcoming season of overindulgence, I think dinner this Tuesday’s going to be vegetables exclusively.


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  1. love your market photos! have you done any canning you’d like to trade? i’m soooo over pumpkin atm and never got around to doing any beans. i guess what i’m trying to say is: got any beans?

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