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  1. Editing & Cowriting

TOPP – Design Technologists will transform your creative process — if you let them

What if the designer/developer dichotomy is undermining our creative process?

Great user experience is often integrative, bringing objects and apps, products and services, touch screens, wearables, voice interaction, data, sensors, etc. together into a seamless whole. In this environment, a design team that explores ideas visually and hands them off to a dev team is at a real disadvantage.

Design Technologists offer a way out of this trap, but only if they’re treated as a genuine source of creative problem solving, and not just a talented pair of hands.

 Co-written with Emil Wasberger, Design Technologist at Topp

  1. Editing & Cowriting

SMART – The power of personalization in health and wellness

As technology’s role in medicine grows, it promises to make therapies more effective through better use of data to shape treatment, or through long-term monitoring and follow-up. The modern wellness industry has already primed consumers to expect personalized experiences, whether it’s a personal trainer, a customized yoga session, or a wearable tracker calibrated to your vital signs and habits. As the line blurs between these services and traditional medicine, “personalized healthcare” appears not just attainable, but inevitable.

Co-written with Richard Whitehall, Partner at Smart Design